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Note: This article precedes another to come shortly about Tzu Wei astrology in general and how it works. It is meant as reference material for whenever I can get that article posted. The interpretation of the following chart will appear in that article. The chart appears here to show the 36 major stars.

Introduction: What follows is a listing and grouping of the 36 most common stars in Tzu Wei astrology, along with their common and uncommon interpretations. There are two ways of grouping these stars: by influence and by calculation. The list below is by influence (how the star ‘behaves’ in a chart). In the heading of each star, brackets [ ] indicate the most common Western translation of the star’s name. Parentheses ( ) indicate alternative names. Bold text in the descriptions gives a thumbnail of the star’s influence and its defining characteristic. There is a referral to various sources for the information at the end of this article. The major divisions of the stars in terms of calculations are also found at the end of this article. The ‘uncommon interpretations’ are from my own observations over time and are in red font in the text.

THE HELPFUL STARS (The stars of one’s grace)

Tzu Wei
Tien Fu
Wu Chu
Tien Hsiang

Tien Chi
Tien Tung
Tai Yang
Tai Yin
Chu Men
Tien Liang

Wen Chu
Wen Chang
Tien Kuei
Tien Yueh
Tso Fu
Yu Pi
Tien Tsun

Tien Hsi
I Ma

Hua Chuan
Hua Lu
Hua Ko
Hua Chi

THE IMPERIAL STARS (The stars of primary destiny)

Tzu Wei [The King of stars, or the Emperor’s Star] This is the star of destiny. It is generally considered to be the best of all stars to have in a palace. It confers honors, recognition, energy, good fortune and increase. Most importantly, it magnifies the importance of the palace in which it is posited and the influence of any other stars in that palace. In its positive expression it gives a reflective, refined nature and confers wealth, health, fame, a long and fortunate life, support from family, partner and peers, and successful children. Even when negatively placed with other stars the omens are not too bad, though it can cause rifts and problems from people whose status interferes with one’s own destiny. It has the character of the Sun and Jupiter elevated and in aspect to each other in Western terms.

Tien Fu [the Southern Star] (a.k.a. Treasury and Palace Star) This star has the character of Jupiter trine Saturn.  It can bring extreme material well-being and good fortune, as well as great success in business and politics.  It gives high position, a splendorous lifestyle, help from siblings, a successful social life which also yields many opportunities in business, ability to save money, many siblings and benefit from them, marriage for life, a very capable partner who can also bring in substantial material support, prosperous children, many children, support from inferiors and great authority.  With negative stars it dampens the enthusiasm, which also peters out, as well as a harsh life in later years.  In terms of character it gives a gentle and polite personality, hard-working and progressive, clever and peaceful. In health matters it gives gallbladder and mental problems with negative stars.

Wu Chu [Military Music] (the Dancing Star) the star produces a strong will, a strong voice, a quick wit, and a hot temper.  It yields financial success and success in business and politics.  In education it produces a broad knowledge base.  It tends to produce speculation and busyness.  With negative stars it produces separations, arguments, disharmony in the home, scars and nasal problems.  It also produces success in transport and finance. It has the character of a Mars/Moon conjunction.

Tien Hsiang [Heavenly Minister or General] This star has the character of the Sun with Jupiter.  It gives a strong persona with periodic displays of temper.  It can give a lot of strength, and makes one very attractive to the opposite sex.  It produces a fondness of display, the love of uniforms and a good general dress sense.  In occupation it produces success through politics.  The general tone is of moderate increase in strength.  It grants help.

THE MING PALACE STARS [These are only active in the Ming palace] (The stars of conspicuous indulgence)

Tien Hao [Heavenly Destroyer] It has the character of Venus square Jupiter, and causes the native to spend money like water, yielding fluctuating finances.

Huang Luan [Red Phoenix] (Cordon) this star is only active in the Ming Palace.  It has the character of Venus trine Mars, conferring a copious sexual magnetism, of which the native may take undue advantage.

THE LITERARY GROUP (The indicators of mental abilities and gifts)
Tien Chi [Heavenly Secret/Motor] This star brings out latent qualities in a person or circumstance. It also confers surprises. It is an accentuating influence, rather than a primary one. It works best in the areas of cultural and literary affairs. By itself it gives the native a hot temper, health problems and both benefits and liabilities in foreign lands. It also brings great benefits through sidelines (avocations and side businesses) and religious affairs. It is generally considered to have a fortunate contribution and brings support. It has the character of a Venus/Uranus conjunction in the 5th or 12th house. It especially has the qualities of quintiles.

Tien Tung [Heavenly Unity] This star carries the character of Venus in general. It is gentle, modest and warm. It confers good relations, kindness and affinity with the feminine. It inclines to service work and handicrafts. The indications are not good for ownership of property, though. It is a supporting star, and accentuates what is already in a Palace. In educational matters it inclines toward doctoral studies and scholastic achievement. When adversely aspected it makes the native too soft and yielding.

Tai Yang [The Sun] the Sun brings renown, position, energy, enterprise, activity, hard work, and support.  It brings success in business and politics.  It produces movers and shakers, and good children.  It indicates the father and men and in health matters governs the eyes [light].

Tai Yin [The Moon] the Moon produces a polite and gentle character and gives opportunities for good education.  In occupation it yields reflective work such as astrology, religion, etc. It governs all aspects of the feminine, produces a big family, grants a good-looking partner and brings steady occupation.  It yields a high position in society when well aspected and produces benefits from real estate, building and service industries.  It especially produces property in the countryside and the rules the mother.  With negative stars it produces overindulgence, family trouble, trouble with women, and "female troubles”.

Chu Men [Great Door or Giant Gate] This star has the character of Moon square Mars.  It yields an obstinate temperament, an appearance of aloofness, great intensity of focus, high intelligence, quarrelsomeness, judgmentalism, and an authoritative air.  The general indications are that of trouble with all types of intimate relationships.  This person does better working alone.  It gives success in business.  In health it tends toward skin and stomach trouble. It marks one as being always active.

Tien Liang [the Roof Beam Star] (Honesty and Blessings) This star has the character of Venus trine Jupiter.  It gives leadership qualities, cleverness but sincerity, and a disdain for display of talents.  It tends toward peaceful surroundings, good-looking partners, respect, and creative and successful children.  In occupation It does best through cultural affairs, published works and education.  It also brings success through religion.  In its negative associations it brings disrepute from the opposite sex and separations.  It brings official success.

THE JEWELS (representing talent, dignity and distinction)
Wen Chu [Literary Dissertation] This star confers fine facial features, high intelligence, the love of study, and refined conduct.  It gives the native great care over appearance.  It tends toward harmony and discourse and has the general character of Mercury.  It can bring great wealth through writing.  It also carries the connotations of the ninth house in Western astrology.

Wen Chang [Literary Discourse] this has the same general meanings as Wen Chu.  It carries the meanings of the third house in Western astrology and confers cleverness and an outstanding mentality.  It gives a strong, sound body and a good mind for business.  In health it can contribute to nervous complaints and it makes one good with money.  It can also confer renown.

Tien Kuei [Heavenly Leader] (Laureate) This star has the general character of Venus trine Saturn.  It gives a refined nature, but stern.  It confers help from siblings, happiness, outstanding children, increase, regular and comfortable financial returns, good health, support, and land in the country.  In occupation it attends toward community and charity projects.  Negatively, it can bring recurrent illnesses.

Tien Yueh [Heavenly Halbard] This star has the same meaning as Tien Kuei.

Tso Fu [Left Assistant] This star has the character of Venus trine Uranus.  It gives a sedate and gentle nature, but with a competitive edge.  It inclines toward a good social life, especially with the opposite sex, the gives predestined attachment to money and people.  It assists other factors in a palace.  It confers harmony, cooperation, obedient children and works prodigiously in middle age.  In occupation it works best in business and politics.

Yu Pi [Right Assistant] same as Tso Fu.

Tien Tsun [Heavenly Store] This star has the general character of Taurus.  It confers physical strength, a long and wealthy life, support, harmony, material pleasures, great benefit through property, few children, and great wealth.  In occupation it works best through politics and business.

THE JOYS (The joys of life)
Tien Hsi [Heavenly Happiness] This star has the lighter character of Sun square Jupiter without the financial implications.  It operates only in the Ming Palace.  The reading is of a person who takes nothing seriously and is always happy.

I Ma [Traveling Star] (Steed) This star has the general character of well-aspected ninth and tenth houses in the Western horoscope.  It confers the love of travel and travel through work, wide travel in foreign lands, and the enjoyment of beautiful views in foreign lands.

THE FOUR TRANSFORMERS (These bring transformative qualities to the chart)

Hua Chuan [Transforming Authority] (Power) This star has the general character of Mars trine Saturn.  It indicates the native will obtain power and authority, a great amount of money, promotion and good progress at work, and works best through managerial roles.
Hua Lu [Transforming Salary] (Prosperity and Fortune) This star has the general character of Jupiter in the Midheaven.  It confers many chances through promotion, a wealthy lifestyle, and two to three opportunities for making money.

Hua Ko [Transforming Examination] (Success and Fame) This star has the general character of Sun trine Jupiter.  It confers luck in exams, success, admiration of others for one's skills, and a consistent prosperity.

Hua Qi [Transforming Jealousy] (Cloud/Annoyance) Hua Qi negates the beneficial effects of other stars – in other words, it transforms ease into difficulty. See the description under ‘Obsurities’ for details.

Note: The first three in this group – Hua Chuan, Hua Lu, Hua Ko – are sometimes known as the Three Standards (as in ‘gold standard’). In such a case, Hua Qi is relegated to another group of stars (The Obscurities), as follows:

THE STRESSFUL STARS (The stars of karmic necessities)

Lien Chen
Chi Sha
Tan Lang
Po Chun

Ti Chieh
Fire Star
Ringing Star
Yang Ren
Tien Kung

Tien Yao
To Lo
Hua Chi
Tien Hsing

MARTIAL STARS (The ‘hard edge’ and duty in life)
Lien Chen [Purple Virtue] This is the star of the Virgin, or Pure Virtue. It is generally considered to be unlucky, having the less favorable characteristics of Saturn and Virgo. At its best it brings the growth of wealth, both steady and unexpectedly. This is only when the person is willing to put in a lot of hard work and when other fortunate stars are present. By itself it gives a stern and austere demeanor and confers shortness of life and unhappiness. When placed with negative stars it confers distance from people, hard work for no reward, and loss. It can also bring about unexpected circumstances that test the virtue of a person. Its best indications are for wealth through hard work—material or otherwise, no matter what area of life is at issue.

Chi Sha [Seven Killings or Seven Swords] This star has the character of Saturn with Pluto.  It gives a stern and serious demeanor, a hot temper and quickness of mind.  It marks one as being uncompromising.  It can bestow nobility and high success, but it can also bring accidents, sudden illness, domestic violence, intimacy issues, and financial disaster.  The best occupations are in heavy industry, the police force or the army.  It can also bring success in travel and business.  It is not generally good around the property. It tends to give a hard life and the early death of one parent.

Tan Lang [the Greedy Wolf or the Flirting Star] This star has the general character of Scorpio.  In its more positive expression of the gives good planning skills, a realistic and firm outlook, authority and intelligence.  Its usual expression is of greed and lust for fame, money and sex.  That produces intimacy problems, deviousness and rifts.  In occupation it works best through the entertainment and cultural fields.  Physically it produces protruding bones and venereal problems.  Unusual features in the persona can bring wealth.  In general indicates a hard life, rifts with parents and marital catastrophes.

Po Chun [Broken Army] (the Demolisher) This star has the character of the Sun in Pisces square to Saturn.  In its more positive expression it brings authority and wealth, and many brothers and sisters.  In health it gives boils and weak lungs.  In occupation it brings best success through the transport industry, army or police force.  It tends toward speculation.  The general indications are marital troubles, hard-working with little enjoyment, parental trouble, a harsh life abroad and rebellion by inferiors.

THE VIOLENT STARS (the harder lessons of life)
Fire Star [Antares] (Mars) This star is generally considered to be unlucky.  It is commonly associated with Mars, but I believe this to be incorrect. A better interpretation is to associate it with the general characteristics of the Western star Antares (α Scorpio, the heart of the Azure Dragon, Xiu 19). In Western astrology Antares brings “malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality, and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy” (ref: Robson) – very much a description of the Fire Star. In its best expression it can bring authority, wealth and a successful social life through forthrightness and energy.  Its usual indications are rifts, upheavals, disharmony, accidents and disasters.  In occupation it tends toward simple labor rather than professions.  In health it can bring disabilities and deformities.

Ringing Star [Thunder] (Ling Xing) This star has the same connotations as the Fire Star.
Yang Ren [the Sheep Blade Star] (Lance) This star has the general character of Sun trine Uranus with a Mars square thrown in.  It is generally considered unlucky.  In its most positive expression it confers courage, decisiveness, great wealth and a long life.  In general though, it indicates losses and especially losses through accident and lack of thought.
Tien Kung [Heavenly Void] This has all the same qualities of the other negative stars and is usually read with them.  It has the character Saturn with Neptune.  Its best manifestation is through managerial work. Other than that it confers distress in marriage, heartbreak through children, disappearing children, many illnesses, great losses in foreign lands, rebellious inferiors, loss of inherited property, hard-working, and weak connections with people and money.  This indicates a deep caring for brothers and sisters, but causes the native worry.  It is disastrous in marriage.

Ti Chieh [Earthly Robbery] same as Tien Kung.

THE OBSCURITIES (The unwanted bumps in the road of life)

Tien Yao [Heavenly Beauty] (Romance) This star has the character of Venus, Mars and Neptune combined.  The general indication is of sexual excesses along with substance abuse.  It also indicates that the native enjoys making friends with the opposite sex

To Lo [The Hump Back Star] (Armour) The indications for this star are troublesome.  It carries the more negative character of Saturn with the south node, and is associated with disasters, disablement, robbery, ruined property, financial difficulties, short life, loneliness, few siblings, envy and suspicion, accidents and illness, harsh life with little reward, broken bones, lack of support, and death at work.  In occupation it brings the best energy through army or police work.  In health it tends toward eye problems and broken bones.

Hua Chi [Transforming Jealousy] (Cloud, Annoyance) This star has the general character of Mars square Saturn.  It confers easily missed opportunities (bad judgment), sacrifices, rift with partner, harm to children, no attachment to money, physical weakness, early death, work for low wages, rebellious inferiors, great losses, fluctuating fortunes, loss of property and hard-work with no enjoyment.

Tien Hsing [Heavenly Punishment] This star has the general character of an ill-aspected Saturn in the seventh house.  It confers a stern nature, loneliness and legal difficulties.

The Tzu Wei Group   Tien Chi, Tai Yang, Wu Chu, Tien Tung, Lien Chen
The Tien Fu Group     Tai Yin, Tien Hsiang, Chu Men, Chi Sha, Po Chun, Tien Liang, Tan Lang
The Hour Stars           Wen Chu, Wen Chang, Tien Kung, Ti Chieh
The Day Star              Tzu Wei (from the chart Element as well)
The Month Stars         Tso Fu, Yu Pi, I Ma, Tien Yao, Tien Hsing, Hua Lu, Hua Chuan, Hua Ko, Hua Chi
The Year Stars           Fire Star, Ringing Star, Yang Jen, To Lo, Tien Yueh, Tien Kuei, Tien Tsun, Tien Hao, Tien Hsi, Hung Luan

Sources:Tzu Wei graphic is from The Imperial Astrologer, chart info courtesy of Esoteric Technologies

The author, for the general characteristics of the stars in Western astrological terms, and the groupings by calculation.

Complete Chinese Horoscopes, Kwok Man Ho, Pubs. Sunburst Books, 1995 (for the 36 standard stars)

The Emperor’s Stargate, Alexandra Hartream and Cheung Kwang Yin, Pubs. Lotuseed Press, 2001 (for general information on the stars.)

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